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Your autistic employee

You should probably know why we are the way we are.  So lets explain a bit.

If we are just starting a job then we will be very shy. This doesn’t mean that we are really shy, it is more that we are scanning the work environment to learn how we supposed to react in it. Once we know how to do that and you have a healthy working environment  then we will start interacting more. 

Then we probably start to mess a bit up too by saying the wrong thing at the wrong moment. We can be a bit clumsy that way but it is never meant to harm.

Please have patience with us or have a hearty laugh about that. It is usually not that serious and that lightens up the space

Please have no intrigues against us. We have a very hard time figuring those out. We like things factual and clear and we will be clear and factual ourselves. Don’t take that personally, rather appreciate our honesty because people usually don’t say what they think.

We definitely understand stuff that you don’t understand and the other way around. That’s just the way it is. Your automatisms in social intersections for instance? That is mind boggling for us. But don’t get us wrong. We can also be really good salesmen! If we know our role then we can play it really well…