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Autism Plaza

Good mood webinars and virtual meetings.

Entertaining, endearing, informative and fun...

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What is Autism Plaza?

We hold monthly video conferences with different topics and different main speakers.

Maybe you have something to share and would like to prepare a topic yourself! What we find important is that we will keep every meeting light and solution oriented, even when the topic is maybe about difficult things. 

Autism plaza is a free meeting place for basically for anyone who likes to see the unfiltered reality of autism instead of the theory. So you are obviously someone that would like to understand more about autism.

So who could that be?

  • Maybe you are on the autism spectrum.
  • Maybe your partner is on the spectrum.
  • Maybe your kid is on the spectrum.
  • Maybe you have a friend or someone you like that is.
  • Or you are the boss of someone.
  • Or you are a professional.


We make no distinction. Everyone is welcome and and every contribution is valuable to us.

The meetings take place on Zoom.

Before the meeting

  • We open the cnnection 15 minutes before the meetings starts.
  • Only the host and speaker will be visible when needed. All other cameras are off to avoid many of us getting overwhelmed.
  • We don’t do small talk before the meeting. If someone likes to say hi please use the chat. 


When the meeting starts

  1. The host makes an introduction of the speaker and/or the topic.
  2. An introduction of the topic is made for about 20-30 minutes. Little like a TED-talk.
  3. The audience can participate with questions, insights and ideas if they wish. This can be done in the chat or by microphone. When you are talking then you may turn on your camera too.
  4. The host rounds off the meeting after around 60 to 90 minutes.


If the speaker agrees then we will record the first part of the meeting that may be published on YouTube. The audience participation will not be recorded.

We can have any kind of topic for as long we can learn something from them.

Some ideas for topics:

  • Sensory overload
  • Ridgid routines
  • Filtering distractions
  • Obsessive Compulside behavior
  • Stimming
  • Living with someone on the spectrum
  • Relationships
  • Excessive worrying
  • hyper-vigilance
  • Feeling “shell shocked”
  • How to deal with anxiety
  • What are melt-downs and shut-downs
  • Not understanding the obvious
  • Children on the spectrum
  • Parenting and Autism

After our meetings you should feel little richer, little more relaxed about autism and have the feeling you learned something. Hopefully we will have had some good laughs too, because “Funny stories” are important. 

You can be the speaker, anyone can be a speaker.  

You can be on the autism spectrum, maybe you are a mom or dad of someone that is, maybe your partner is or you are the boss of one. Or maybe you are a psycholanalist that likes to answer some questions… Anyone is welcome! For as long the topic is enriching…

We have a couple of rules

  • We will not have discussions about vaccination.
  • We don’t see autism as a disease that could or should be healed.
  • We will be kind and caring with each other.
  • We should be free to ourselves, so no attacking.
  • We try to spread autism awareness in a real time way.
  • We are here to help each other (whether we are or are not on the spectrum)
  • We try to have fun while we do all of this.
  • Everyone with autism is an expert on autism, Everyone who lives with someone with autism is an expert on that! So everyone’s contribution is valuable and we can learn from each other.